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But Maura does save Jane. All the time. Just in other ways. She’s there for the aftermath, cause yes Maura lacks the training, strength or instincts to react in stressful situation, but she cares. She cares for Jane, and she makes sure Jane takes care of her self. She holds her when she cries, helps with her nightmares, and it’s there to talk or not talk about it (whatever subject that might be). She’s Jane’s go-to person, she keeps Jane sane. And that’s all the saving Jane needs.

In S1, yes. In the pilot, Jane showed up at Maura’s house when everyone else was smothering her. In 1x03 Maura came over in her pajamas to investigate a weird dream. In 1x08 she keeps a gun on the door while Jane sleeps, to fend off an attacker. In 1x10 Maura saved Frankie’s life. In 2x01, she comforted Jane after the car bomb and kept tabs on her recovery pain. In S2 she took in Jane’s mother.

Since then, Maura’s role as Jane’s caretaker has been minimized. Instead of any sort of action in the final scene of 2x10, Maura is paralyzed by a taser. Even in the aftermath, all she does is give Jane a great birthday present. In 2x12 when Tommy is a suspect, an excuse is made (by the writers) to keep Maura from telling Jane about it (watch it—that whole mini-plot is unnecessary). In 2x13, several of Jane’s high school classmates are killed. I think maybe Maura touches Jane’s arm in sympathy?

S3 and S4 get worse, when Maura ‘comforts’ Jane about Casey by ‘doing something crazy’ and saying, “Shut the front door.” Or drinking a beer after Jane is kidnapped. When the memory of Hoyt pops up again in S4, Jane does go to Maura’s house after a nightmare, but it’s morning and all that happens is a conversation about PTSD that goes nowhere.

I can see how Maura gets annoyed with the constant need to clean up the emotional mess that Casey leaves behind, especially after he shows up recovered in S4. My gripe is with the writing, that there are opportunities for Maura to be the strong one, and the writers almost completely ignore those opportunities. They aren’t showing Maura’s value and strength beyond her googlebrain.

And what makes this even worse is that the kind of “saving” that Jane does is usually from immediate physical danger. Maura’s personal life has been in constant upheaval ever since finding Hope and Cailin, yet Jane has only been emotionally supportive in the most minimal way. Now, I love protective Jane as much as anyone, but I’d also appreciate a friendship that felt more equal and supportive outside of big events where Jane is the hero. This probably goes back to the larger problem of Jane and the Rizzolis increasingly taking center stage on the show, while Maura’s been marginalized, but I can only hope that S5 brings a return to the earlier dynamic where both women were strong, capable, and unquestionably there for each other.

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I’m used to being alone.

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The Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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You love me? Why didn’t you say anything?

“Do you?” 

Do I what?

It was a long time ago. You jokingly dismissed the idea of me wanting to sleep with you so I made a suggestive face. It’s the way you said, “Do you?” You said it with such disgust. I thought you were horrified. I remember changing the subject and for the first time in my life I prayed. I prayed that you wouldn’t notice the hives.

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I’ve had this idea in my head for a few weeks now, and I finally had time to design these character posters for Frozen. Enjoy! Also I don’t own anything associated with Frozen…it’s all Disney!

Maura with her hands in her pockets appreciation post

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Someone had to do thatr9k-> sisya-> afa


Someone had to do that
r9k-> sis
ya-> afa

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takemeforaride-derek asked: MerDer or Twisted Sisters

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camillaludington asked: season6 Arizona or season10 Arizona

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Arizona Robbins - I’m Winning [10x19]

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Tips for writing Maura


Basic Tips To Write Better Geniuses, Scientists, & Intellectuals - Springhole.net

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I wanna be a good
man in a storm

By Arizona Robbins