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Maura’s despair.

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Dr. Maura Isles | 5x11

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R&I 5x11: Maura Isles in Proenza Schouler printed half-sleeve dress. (requested by @scullystardis

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Maura Isles in 5x11, ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’.

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On a scale from 1 to Sasha speaking different languages, how done do you think I am?

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Missed Chances (Rizzoli & Isles, 5x11)


The one where all hopes for the show to get better officially melted away…

Before this review will most likely turn into a heated rant, let me point out again that none of this is meant to attack the writers personally. It’s only about their writing, especially this time. Sam Lembeck & Diana…

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Maura Isles -S05E11- If You Can’t Stand The Heat.

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They were never very good at balancing out the drama between the two characters. For every mini-arc with Hope, we got endless Rizzoli drama. In fact, let’s break it down: (I don’t count the things they got together- Paddy being shot, for instance. And I don’t count…

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You need to stop with your perfection, jk never stop 

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R&I 5x11: Maura in workout gear. (You’re welcome.)

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I wanna be a good
man in a storm

By Arizona Robbins