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And here is the Frozen story! It’s pretty cute as well.

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Anonymous said: Who is Heather Logan?


I’m assuming this is from my reblog that was a quote from an article I had enjoyed.

The quote is from this AE article written by Heather Hogan:

"It’s no surprise that the pleas were loud and long for Rizzoli & Isles when I asked what shows I should write about in my first Fandom Fixes column, but unlike so many of the other shows that require multi-faceted answers, the way to fix Rizzoli & Isles is actually pretty simple: The writers  need to ask themselves what they’d do with Jane and Maura if they were Castle and Beckett, or Booth and Brennan, or Mulder and Scully, or any man and woman with that kind of chemistry.”

Which, to me, is a way to sum up the entire angst between fandom and show. It’s a confusing situation to be in as a viewer when, between marketing and the actual show, you are being lead to understand one story, but constantly told you’re not comprehending that the show can’t be anything other than what it supposedly is. Better yet, you’re crazy to think otherwise.

Now if we mix it with this gem: http://aubevans481.tumblr.com/post/37190775362/a-straight-writers-defense-of-rizzles I think we can even understand why the Rizzoli & Isles fandom seemingly begs for proof of some magic bts friendship between the leads. People want validation that what they see on the screen is somehow real. So if it isn’t in the writing it must be due to the fact that this magic chemistry between the leads exists outside the writing. “It’s not the show! It’s not the marketing or writing! It’s only chemistry!” RIght?

Eh, highly debatable. Takes a lot of ingredients to make what we watch on the screen. Sure some of it might be luck in the kitchen but a whole heck of a lot  is one well planned meal to be consumed.

Ahhhh… Rizzoli & Isles, the one show that in an odd way defines the base elements of homophobia in a culture by simply existing and continuing to exist in the way it does. Nobody forces anybody to watch. It’s “just” a TV show. But what is sad to me is honestly how programmed most of what I read from other fandom members regarding the show. Long drawn out explanations and excuses of why they show “won’t go there” or “can’t go there”.

I don’t know. People told me I couldn’t be legally married. But then a whole bunch of other people said that wasn’t okay. Things changed. My partner became a legal wife. Crazy that. Who’d have ever imagined.

Guess I’m lucky that people did imagine it and didn’t give some excuse as to why this possibility was crazy fantasy or wishful thinking.

It was something that made sense.

Because if it wasn’t two women we’d all still be watching the same love story play out with the same exact scenarios… except instead of the frustration of waiting for them to acknowledge how lucky it was these two people found each other…we’d be focused on the moment the writers delivered that first kiss.

That’s the crux of it. The difference.

So for me? I love articles like the one I reblogged the quote from. Simple, funny, telling it like it is.

To be clear, it’s safe to say it’s fact that I like the show. I watch it. I’ve watched it from the premiere. I even write fanfic for it (too much fanfic!).

But at the same time Rizzoli & Isles is the saddest scenario I have ever witnessed on TV.

Because honestly?

There is NO darn good, plausible, REAL reason Jane and Maura can’t be a true couple. None.

Other than the obvious excuse.

And that is truly tragic on many different levels.


"Fixing Rizzoli & Isles is easy. All the writers have to do is ask themselves what they’d do if either Jane or Maura was a dude. And then they just have to write the truth.” ~ Heather Hogan

The way to fix Rizzoli & Isles is actually pretty simple: The writers need to ask themselves what they’d do with Jane and Maura if they were Castle and Beckett, or Booth and Brennan, or Mulder and Scully, or any man and woman with that kind of chemistry.

Heather Logan


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" i was just thinking" she heard herself say.
"What about?"
"Oh, I suppose the sort of question most people find themselves facing at one point or another."
"Would that be the meaning of life?"
"Something like that. The meaning of my life, to be specific..."

"Thanks for the wings" by JoBethMegAmy.myhomegirls

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Sasha Alexander and Jessica Capshaw 

// Thanks for Nothing? (Season 5 of Rizzoli & Isles)//


Given that most of Season 5 is in the can and my interest to watch the remaining episodes is more or less gone, it’s time for a summary of Rizzoli & Isles under Jan Nash. 
Warning: This post is pretty long because it looks at all aspects of the show.

For those who prefer the short version:
While we have seen glimpses of what Season 5 (and the show as a whole) could have been, there was nothing special about the first twelve episodes delivered by Nash & Co. Whenever there was a chance to leave a memorable impression, the writers chickened out and left everything to the viewers’ imagination.
Granted, some of the problems in Season 5 were inherited from Janet Tamaro, but all of them could have been solved – with just a little more passion and attention to detail.

Read More

Someone should print it out and send it to team and the whole Rizzoli and Isles Team…

Maura’s smile + Coffee = Everything Jane loves.

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shut up you beautiful angel.


shut up you beautiful angel.

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"Maybe love always ends with someone getting hurt." "God, I hope not."
"Hoyt just doesn’t murder people - he murders couples. He murders couples that evidently love each other. Otherwise, the fun he has in raping the wife would be pointless. He would have done the same thing to Maura if Jane hadn’t suddenly found the strength to do all of what she did." — (x)

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I wanna be a good
man in a storm

By Arizona Robbins